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Over 200 Small Business Websites Built.

"In my 8 years experience in website design, I have helped over 200 businesses find their voice and their presence online. From WIX to WORDPRESS, to SHOPIFY, I have tailored a custom user experience to engage each audience and amplify online sales to increase the bottom line for my clients.


With hundreds of happy customers, in both graphic design and website design, Ive managed to elevate the trust and reputation in Firethorne Designs that our clients come back to again and again."

- Louisa Firethorne


Titus Kahoutek is one of Seattles most experienced personal and group trainers with clients at Microsoft, Amazon and others.

Titus has hired me to create website and logo designs for all of his 3 businesses- Heroics Training Systems, Anxiety Experts and the most recent project, for Kahoutek Coaching is my newest website design and can be viewed here:


In my time as a designer, I have created logos and websites for 4 different acupuncturists, and David Tucker's site was by far my favorite. 

David's site had a nice SEO edge in that he had lots of information and research to present to his new clients which added a lot of keyword rich page content. It also required a bit more planning of the intormation archecture and menus to avoid a deep and confusing navigation mess. 

To overcome this design challenge, I made some very beautiful custom quicklink submenus on the deeper pages. On desktop it looks like a menu and on mobile it looks like a quicklink.

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