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If you haven't already done your own market research, we can help you get a hold on important data you need before building your online presence. Building an effective SEO website begins with knowing your market and creating a strategy.


Before we start any web project, we always consider the current trends in your target audience and any existing competition online. We look at websites in a similar industry and analyze what is successful about the design and what could be improved.

We will also establish your most impactful SEO keywords to apply to our robust SEO offerings. Whether you have a product or a service, we will help you map a path for successfully gathering your ideal clientele.


We go over our UX (User Experience) Flow in a series of UX strategy meetings for our Deluxe UX package clients. If you are rolling out a new digital product, complex website business or eCommerce store, user research and strategy is essential.

The user experience is an important aspect of converting visitors to customers in modern web design. We can also gather user data for your company in the following ways:

• Write and launch online surveys, using existing contact lists or source volunteers online.

• Create user 'personas' to predict how someone will value, interact with, and use your product.

• Listen to customers and clients about their needs, and also observe them in action.

• We will create a 'user flow map' of the website design before beginning the actual prototype design.




In our wireframe design meeting, we will go over several possible page layouts for the main pages of your website. We will create your site map, color theme and establish the best modern page layout based on UX strategy.

Our wireframes will be presented in Figma, an online software program where we can both see and interact with the wireframe designs and make live adjustments while we meet on the phone.

With the ability to see many options at once, the wireframe meeting will allow you to select the layout that works the best for you.

Website Chart


A website design will go through many rounds of mockup and revision until you are happy with the result. We start with what we have talked about in our design planning meeting and our marketing and UX strategy meetings prior to making the mockups. Once you can see the results of our design meetings, you may change your mind or request to see more options. 

On the WIX platform, mockups are created and sent to you as a link. You do not have to pay for hosting until the design is approved and finalized. You will have a real live version of the mockup with active navigation, links/buttons. The first mockups will be viewed on desktop as we create the desktop version of the site first. You will have several rounds of revisions available to make changes in this phase.

We will focus on professional layout, and always guide our clients on website design trends, industry standards and best practices, but the final decisions are always up to you. 



Over 80% of modern internet users are doing so on a mobile device. More and more, a website must operate in smooth functionality in mobile setting as well as the classic desktop version. At Firethorne Designs, we specialize in the mobile site experience, and just as much effort and consideration in the site look and feel for every device type including tablets.

After you are satisfied with our desktop version of the site design, we will move into the mobile site design- This will take the existing user flow on the desktop version and transform what it looks like in a mobile user experience. You can test and try out the site mockup on mobile before moving onto the final phase of testing and launch.

A Young man wearing headphones




The final testing of a website is one of the most important steps. Our final test has 3 parts- Functionality Testing, Usability Testing and Compatibility Testing. This year I am also adding website accessibility to my design process in ways that fit into the budgets of our clients.

Testing the functionality of website involves going through every page and clicking every single link, and playing every video or any CTA button on the page. (Call to Action). Making sure the site works is a top priority.

Testing the usability involves having people sit down and visit the site and gather data about how hard/confusing or easy it was to navigate the site or make actions.

Testing the compatibility involves looking at the website load on several different browsers, device types and platform types- ie, mobile, tablet desktop, Android, PC, iphone, etc. Responsive web design has many rules to make it go smoothly but final testing is 100% essential and sometimes adjustments need to be made last minute to ensure the site looks great no matter what.




Having excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for a new website. One of the big factors in SEO is the age of your website- so for newly created sites, there are other specific tactics that are heavily weighted for organic search reach and we will focus on these to get your site ranked in the shortest time possible.

With our professional knowledge and experience in building SEO sites that convert visitors into clients, you will get the best results from your investment.

Your business location, keywords, strategic keyword placement, proper page titles and descriptions for Google, and other SEO standards will help your site gain traction quickly. We will submit your site to Google Search Console, set up your WIX visitor tracking so that you can see the real bottom-line results.

As a final check system, we compare our work against WIX's built in SEO wizard to check for any other SEO opportunities in the site design. Another part of getting more SEO traffic is having well written content, and lots of it. Having a blog, for example, can dramatically increase your SEO reach.





Running your website should not be a stressful factor in running your business- This is why WIX's user friendly site admin and editor has won serious points with clients and customers worldwide, becoming the top website design platform in the industry.

After the site is fully tested and launched, you will receive a recorded version of our 90 minute website training meeting on Zoom. In this meeting you will get to learn the ropes of the back-end of your WIX website called the 'Dashboard'. This is the control center for your website including the CRM, Bookings, Store portal or any other functionality on the site. 

You will get a brief training on making simple edits to text and photos.

Since the layout is specially formulated through a series of UX strategy meetings, any future changes to layout/page design would be better made with a website update by Firethorne Designs. You can also hire us on monthly retainer to manage your entire site. Please contact us if you are interested in monthly upkeep.


Online Store


After investing in a stunning and effective online presence, it's time to scale your business to the next level by finding ways to promote your work and drive traffic to your new site. 

Our clients will receive our exclusive Firethorne Marketing Guide as an essential tool in post-launch sharing of the site. You will receive guidance on website marketing techniques for both organic/free reach and also guidance for building paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

Whether you are offering products or services, there are tried and true ways to be successful after launch and we supply you with the guidance and tools you need.


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