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4 Marathon Maps in Chinese and English, plus Marathon Medal Design


Translating Chinese and Google Satellite Imaging.

This 2016 visual design project was for The Great Wall Marathon in China. The organizers needed new maps for the marathon as the old ones were badly needing updated and to be more precise. The new maps needed to be based on google satellite images and accurately represent the route and pit stops. The maps were to be read in English & Chinese.

Half_Marathon copy.jpg
Full_Marathon_ copy.jpg
Half Marathon.JPG

I was provided these very old examples plus google satellite images of the great wall route

Full Marathon.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 9.56.32 AM.png

Example Medal 2015

This is the medal design from 2015 which they provided me with to copy the medal style guidelines. (For example, they required Papyrus font, against my recommendations, lol)

new medal2_2017 copy.jpg

Final Medal 2017

This is the final vector medal design they decided on using for the 5K and 10K Marathons. The medals were manufactured in 3 different colored metals- gold, silver and bronze.

new medal_2017 copy.jpg

Rough Draft 2017

This was my first draft but it was determined the there were too many fine details for the metal pouring process and so it needed to be simplified and vectorized.

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